The Lady of the Bags


 Thanks to my horses and dogs who has inspired all my life

TLB ‘The Lady of the Bags’ as an accomplished horserider, artist and crasftswoman has designed and produced clothes and accessories for horse riders and horse lovers under the Greenfield and Jack Russell trademarks since 1983, being the first to create fashion in the equine world. Afterwars devoting also to the creation of an innovative, successfull collection of bags and accessories for ladies withy dogs patterns. She has worked as an interior and ‘art de la table’ designer for major brands such ad Rosenthal and other famous brands. Her products are exclusivly Made in italy and continue to expand all the time.

To develop her creative talent, further she has looked to the extraordinary beauty of arabian horse creating hand made leather bags to the highest quality and embellishing with Swarovski. The Swarovski pictures are designed and hand made individually so that they are at their best in detail and colour. TLB also aims to personalise products using logos and photos of favourite horses and dogs on accesories and clothing such as scarves and t-shirts as requested.

Gold and silver jewelry are also produced to indiuvidual specifications if wished. TLB often exhibits in international arabian horse shows and championships such as Paris and Dubai, as well as many worldwide canine competitions.

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